Friday, April 26, 2013

Spot On!

Okay - I've figured it out. Once we get going (April 29) I'll send out our location once or twice a day using the Spot satellite device. If you're interested in finding out where we are, all you have to do is open a web page, which will display a map with a breadcrumb trail of all our locations up to that point.

The web page address:

Pretty cool, eh?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alaska here we come!

They say practice makes perfect. If that's the case, our fourth voyage up the inside passage to SE Alaska should be as close to perfect as possible - assuming weather and the wildlife decide to cooperate.

I've had many requests to send photos and a bit of a travelog, so this is it! A few words, some photographs, and hopefully a way for friends and family to vicariously sail along with Glenda and me. I'll send out email reminders of updates, but the easiest way to follow the trip is to "subscribe."

Something new this year will be Spot. This is a satellite device that allows us to send our position on a regular basis. I haven't gotten it all figured out yet, but when I do, it will send you a link that will take you to a map/chart, showing our positions as we head north. It's a bit like leaving a trail of crumbs. Hopefully it will make following our voyage that more fun and tangible.

We're planning on casting off from Port Hadlock early on April 29th and arriving in Alaska about two weeks later. Between now and then I'll try to get this blog site figured out as well as the Spot device.

Until then -- see you soon!


Seaducktress about to hit the water after three months of work: painting, new propeller shaft and much more. Notice the stabilizer fins. I like to think she looks like a kindred spirit to Orcas and Humpbacks!